Our Services

ECP-360 offers a full service consultancy covering the design, processing and implementation of 360º tools. Outlined below are examples of the type of service ECP-360 has provided for clients:

  • Drafting Workshops

    For establishing either competency or values frameworks: ECP-360 consultants work with the designated in-house teams to formulate concise, commonsense definitions of either the management competencies or corporate values the organisation will use to marshal effective performance. The output is always company-specific, easy to communicate and supported by observable behaviours to guide feedback.

  • 360 Feedback and Coaching Training

    For those taking responsibility for 360 feedback and coaching: experienced users know that the best 360 tool in the world is of little value when feedback and subsequent coaching is poor. ECP-360 works with clients to optimise the benefits of running a 360 process by both training and coaching those delivering feedback. ECP-360 has worked with both HR professionals enhancing their skills and line managers taking on new responsibility for accelerating the development of their people.

  • 360 Feedback and Coaching Delivery

    Although 360 processes need to be owned by the organisation, the delivery of feedback and coaching to the target individuals is not always feasible, or occasionally desirable, for those working internally. ECP-360 works with clients to provide experienced coaching resource to both work through 360 feedback and develop sustainable development agendas. ECP-360 has provided this support to clients covering all levels, in most functions and most sectors.

  • Development Guides

    To assist managers in translating development needs into practical development actions. The result of even the most insightful and valuable 360 feedback can sometimes be "OK, so what?" Moving from knowledge of what could be improved to what can be done about it, without necessarily resorting to off-the-shelf training courses, can prove taxing. ECP-360 has amassed a bank of development tips that provide practical action steps and advice for those seeking to improve or enhance their performance in areas highlighted in either a Values or Competency-Based 360. These tips are linked directly to the behaviours targeted in the 360 and so offer assistance exactly where it is needed.